Power heat sink stamping parts

Product Advantages
The fin cooling module radiator has an efficient, fast and stable heat flow cooling effect, which can meet the cooling needs in a limited space.
Large heat dissipation area, light weight, fast convection of copper heat pipe and low temperature.
The surface can be electroplated as required: nano-carbon cooling powder, nickel, tin, and other surface treatments.
The appearance is high-grade and exquisite, the assembly is precise, the installation is convenient, and the contact is stable.
Non-standard customization, according to needs: structure, size.
Product Details

Surface treatment: smooth surface, fine workmanship.

Carefully select materials according to customer needs, meet the standards, and will not cut corners.

Machining performance: Specifications, shapes and tolerances can be customized according to customer requirements, and are widely used.

Perfect after-sale service: We have perfect and serious after-sale service to answer customer's doubts.

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